Why You Should Quit Smoking Today, and Why Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking is the way to do it

When a smoker decides to quit, most programs attempt to teach the smoker to use individual willpower to kick the habit. These programs do not address the underlying reasons that people continue to smoke. Smokers know that smoking is bad for them, but their own fear can prevent their success. Allen Carr took a different approach that has proven to be successful for nearly every participant in the program.

Obvious Reasons to Quit Smoking

Every smoker has listened to criticism and endured judgmental looks from non-smokers for years. The most damaging evidence is not enough to cause a smoker to want to quit smoking. Standard reasons do not create sufficient motivation for the smoker to change a lifelong habit.

A smoker can know exactly how much money is spent on cigarettes every year, but without additional hardship, the smoker simply prioritizes cigarette purchases over other needs. Even when the percentage of tax money in the cost of each pack is explained, those facts just do not cause a smoker to quit.
Health risks
Changes to the voice and experiencing shortness of breath are ignored by the smoker and explained away as age or impacts from the weather. Even when a physician provides specific examples of the damage caused by the habit, the dangers are ignored.
Society has developed an open angst for smokers in public places. Friends are not allowed to smoke in homes belonging to friends and family members. After years of tolerating comments and looks, smokers learn to ignore the opinions of others.
Slave to a habit
Smokers will schedule every aspect of their time around the perceived need for a steady stream of nicotine. Work, travel, social engagements and sleep are all interrupted by the smoking habit. Even this drudgery does not cause the smoker to stop.

Brief History of Allen Carr

When Allen Carr became an accountant in 1958, employees were allowed to smoke in offices, which allowed Mr. Carr to sustain his 100-cigarette-per-day habit. Over the next 25 years, he attempted to quit smoking multiple times by following the traditional method that relied on willpower to break the habit. His own need drove him to develop a new approach that he called The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

In the early years of the program, people from all over the globe would fly to London to attend his clinic. Today, there are Allen Carr clinics in 150 cities in more than 40 countries. Thousands of people have stopped smoking through his method, which boasts a 90 percent success rate. Unfortunately, Allen Carr passed away on November 26, 2006. In the summer of 2006, he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, which might be tied back to years of exposure to cigarette smoke in the clinic sessions he conducted.

Break the Cycle of Fear

In-depth discussions with a smoker will reveal that some very real fears prevent a smoker from investing the effort to quit. Casual comments might reveal which fear is the most prevalent for the individual, which aids in addressing the fear through facts. Allen Carr defined this list of fears and uses them as a part of his sessions to show the smoker how to conquer the fears that might keep them hooked on the smoking habit.

Lost pleasure
If the smoking habit is kicked, the smoker fears that daily life will be void of the pleasure derived from the effect of nicotine.
Unable to enjoy life
Loss of life's enjoyment is perceived as a real risk for a smoker that might be excluded from existing friendship circles. The fear of leaving their friends behind can prevent a smoker from leaving the habit behind either.
Stress will overwhelm
Daily stress is addressed by the consistent intake of nicotine supplied by the habit. Smokers fear that stress will wash over them if they have to feel the effects of everyday events.
Future trauma
Everyone encounters significant losses in life, and the thought of handling those stresses without the support of the smoking habit can be daunting to the smoker. Even if the current life situation is free from major trauma, the smoker dreads future events.
Ceaseless craving
Some smokers believe that their physical craving for nicotine will never go away if they stop smoking.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Allen Carr's personal experience of attempting to will all of these fears away resulted in the development of a program that uses psychotherapy. Each smoker learns the reasons he continues to smoke in spite of every obvious disadvantage. Every graduate of the program is a happy non-smoker who does not feel deprived of anything. Smokers learn that the physical withdrawal from nicotine is so slight that they do not realize they have been addicted. What a smoker suffers from in willpower-based methods is the perceived misery and depression caused by their own beliefs. Other programs do not address this nuance of breaking the smoking habit.

Reasons for Success

Since the Allen Carr program was developed by someone who had try virtually every other approach to beat the smoking habit, a number of concerns are addressed in the sessions. Happy non-smokers find that the following statements are why they can successfully quit smoking.

Removes conflict of will
Each smoker is taught to align their will to quit with their will to be a happy non-smoker.
No withdrawal pangs
When the physical withdrawal from nicotine never occurs, the smoker is able to leave the habit in the past.
Instantaneous and easy
Once the steps have been completed, the smoker realizes that he has become a happy non-smoker.
Equally effective
Heavy smokers and light smokers see results from the program.
No weight gain
Unlike other programs, happy non-smokers do not experience a dramatic increase in weight because they do not replace their smoking habit with food.
Will not miss smoking
Happy non-smokers focus attention on other aspects of life and do not miss their habit.

Final Evaluation

Smokers can become happy non-smokers by participating in the Allen Carr program at any one of 150 cities around the world. This innovative approach addresses the underlying reasons for the habit, which causes the smoker to find success. Beating the smoker's habit is a lifetime achievement that improves quality of life, and the old habit is never missed.

Keep in mind though, it's also an option to try other methods of quitting. Even though I was never a fan of things like nicotine patches and gums, the electronic cigarettes that are sweeping the world are actually a great and healthier alternative to smoking. It's much easier than most methods, and gets excellent results according to studies done all over the world. If you check out the video from this website you'll get a great idea of what "vaping" is all about. Check it out!

Get Informed

If you want to quit smoking, you better get wel informed about the posibilities on how to quit. Look at some informative websites listed belowed.